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Here's a little YouTube collection of pictures of me with a few famous faces.
Me and Arlo Guthrie on a motorcycle in  the famous church at Stockbridge MA.  Eddie Mekka stealing a kiss on the set of "Stuck in the Past". Native American actors;  Adam Beach and Wes Studi at the FAITA Awards in Los Angeles. Shirley Jones at the Opal Awards in Pittsburgh.  Tanto Cardinal at the Native American Inaugural Ball in DC. Leon and I from the set of "The Temptations". Smokey Robinson and  I also from "The Temptations".  Paul Sorvino and I on the set of "Back Street Justice", And a very sweet Ray Liota who took time out to visit with my father. This was very special for dad!

*NOTE: Some of the thumbnails that turn up at the bottom of the Youtube videos are not necessarily MSP and we have no control over deleting them. 
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When  you  order an "ECONOMY PACKAGE" instead  of  MSP reading  &  breaking  down  just a  2-page  treatment,  we  will  read  your  entire  script  &  break  it down for the cost of the 2-page break down!

Costume Consulting is just one branch of the Mustard Seed Productions tree.
Keep checking back for more branches as we grow ... & grow…

Masons Episodic 2014-2015
2014 ‘Masons’ begins shooting

Last year I began consulting on an episodic titled Masons. The young director was respectful, courteous and grateful. Qualities one does not often find in this business. So, because of those qualities, the fact that I loved the script and the fact that there were no vampires, cops or zombies AND it was an historic piece, I took on the task.
With this production, since I am now teaching film and art full time, I began pre-production by lots and lots of research, which I LOVE!
Thank God for Pinterest and the internet.
I was able to get my director’s 'LOOK book' together, hunt done a few re-enactor groups in the area and visit Pinterest boards for more pics and ideas!
For a traditional artist who hated the computer when it first came into our homes, I can’t imagine my life without it!

2015 ‘Masons’ episodic continues....

A few weeks ago I decided to go on the set of Masons to the location in Ambridge at the Vicory Museum. It was great. Speaking to the curator there I learned much more about 18th century garment prints than I learned all year in research. She was fabulous!
MASONS Pittsburgh episodic  ~ Dangerwood Pictures
On-set Photo credit: Bill Eritz
So with one-eye working, for one-day and only one-measurement I created this pair of men's 18th century breeches.
​While being very ill for days, and my left eye swollen shut and being the size of a golf ball, the breeches had to be made.
Despite the situation,  ​I had fun with this challenge.  LMB
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It was a huge success during
​ReMake Pittsburgh 
Now you can Book the 5-hour
​presentation & workshop​​ for your next school event, community organizations, theatre classes, ​film study, etc.

​If you ever wanted to know what it's like being a fashion & costume designer in Pittsburgh
the first 90 mins is a PPP presentation along with actual costumes & accessories from actual productions. ​​There is a short break and then the workshop begins.

​A quick overview of fashion illustration,
​pattern-making & design. Then actually sewing a small fashion project. All supplies are provided and included in the cost of the workshop.

Attack of the 5 foot paper doll! Had a great time making this Steampunk 5 foot paper doll for Art All Night last year and this year a reverse zentangle mermaid.
​Instead of it being black on white; i used white paint on black paper. 
The paperdoll was painted and and then collaged using lots of vintage ephemera and tiny cut out images. ​